Wednesday, June 15, 2011

the apple didn't keep the anDRoid away

I hear endless raves from people who just switched to the iPhone.  It's a life changing experience for most.  I on the other hand, have decided to deflect to the Droid Side.  And that's after using an iPhone for 4 years!  Yes, I know.. I actually had to talk myself out of it several times, convincing myself to hold off until the iPhone5 release.  As enticing as it is, I saw what I can, and cannot do with the iPhone.. so there it goes.. I decided not to take a bite out of the Apple iPhone(5).

Samsung Infuse 4G with its gargantuan 4.5" screen.

Size perspective next to a 4.3" Motorola Atrix (and a lipgloss, for the ladies' reference, of course!)

Compared to a 10.1" screen of a tablet.  This bad boy is not a back-pocket phone ladies!

So far, so good.  It dwarfs every phone in comparison.  It also takes up half of my clutch.  But the 4.5" SUPER AMOLED screen is just amazing.. I actually thought the size was gonna be the deal-breaker for me, but it actually makes typing, browsing, and viewing videos a lot easier.

Infuse 4G "Screen Test":


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