Monday, June 13, 2011

bb cream bandwagon: charmzone DeAge multi bb cream spf50+ pa+++

Charmzone Multi BB Cream SPF50+ PA+++  1.41 oz

First off, after trying the first two BB cream offerings from the (U.S.) Sephora, I'm glad to have finally tried a Korean BB Cream.  This BB cream was purchased for me by my wonderful sister on a lay over in Seoul, Korea.  I feel that it deserves the first post for my BB Cream Bandwagon series, for the positive experience I had with the product.

Charmzone DeAge Multi BB Cream SPF50+ PA+++ : Multi-functioning BB Cream with whitening + anti-wrinkle + UV protection benefits.  This BB cream has one of the higher sun protection factors I have seen on the market.  It is packaged similar to that of the Skin79 Super Beblesh Balm.  The pump has a stopper which comes in handy for travels.  (Don't throw these stoppers away, they prevent from accidental pumping of the product).  The pump is also easier to control.  It pumps out a small amount of product a time, depending on the pressure you apply, which is great when you don't need a full pump.

The texture is smoother, more fluid as opposed to a thick cream, like some other BB's.  The consistency is not very runny which makes it easier to work with.  The shade of this BB cream is light like most others.  I'm about an NC30-35 at the moment, and found that it works well with my skin tone.  As with all BB creams, it leaves a white-grayish cast on initial application, then oxidizes to blend with the skin.  If you are darker than NC35, I suggest you set this with a powder of your shade,  it will help blend the product with your skin tone.

with flash

Charmzone DeAge felt more luxurious than the other BB Creams I tried.  With that said, I'm not aware of the Korean pricing, as I have received this as a gift.  I am basing that comment on the texture, application and pleasant scent that this has.  I also found that this doesn't zap the moisture off my skin, note that I did moisturize the drier parts of my face (i.e. sides of nose) to avoid flaking.  Coverage is light to medium.  I have worn this with a thin layer, which gave it the feel of a tinted moisturizer.  And with a second layer for more coverage.  I wait for the first layer to dry in-between applications. The finish is satin, not dewy.  Another plus that I noticed is that, my pores are less visible with this BB.  It wore wonderfully throughout the day, and it did well with an 80 degree weather in California.  I did have to blot after 3 hours, but I can say that it lasted a good 7-8 hours on my combination skin before I noticed dissipation.

with flash
Now as with most (if not all) BB creams, the biggest drawback is the shade.  This particular BB cream will only cater to light and medium skin tones.  And of course, you will have to factor in the high sun protection factor, so don't expect it to photograph well, as it will cast a heavy white cast.

blended - with flash (yikes white cast!)

Overall, I love and prefer this over the Dr. Jart BB creams from Sephora.  If you can locate a retailer, I suggest you give it a try.  So far, in the U.S., I have only spotted this on Amazon for $60.  I was amazed by this less-popular BB cream brand.  It feels wonderful on the skin, and wears exceptionally well.  As for the benefits?  My skin has not reacted negatively to this, no breakouts or sensitivity.  I'm just hoping that with further use, I will reap the other benefits it offers.

blended - daylight (product is imperceptible with proper blending)


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