Tuesday, June 21, 2011

diorskin nude glow aurora : bronzer, highlight or blush?

In my previous post about the Diorskin Nude Glow in Aurora, I had put it under the bronzer category.  However, after swatching and wearing the product, in my opinion, it is anything but.  Makes sense, there is nothing on the box that indicates that this product is a bronzer.  Then why did every Dior counter I walked up to called it just that?

daylight swatch

product in daylight

The overspray disappears after a few uses.  However, there will be shimmer on the product when worn. 

product blended - daylight

with flash

swatched - with flash

product blended - with flash

I think if you have a very pale skintone, this would work as a bronzer.  But on light to medium skintones, this looks more like a blush and maybe even a highlight for most. Notice that it translates like a pink blush on my skin.  It's a beautiful product nonetheless, just don't expect this to bronze up your skin.  


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