Monday, June 6, 2011

a byzantine crusade

photo credit:

For the past couple of months, I have been stalking the web for pictures, release dates and store availability of the limited edition Lumie'res Byzantines de Chanel Palette.. a Chanel makeup collector's dream come true!  Well, not until I found out that there are only 1,500 palettes created, and only 200 palettes made it to the U.S. market.  The nightmare starts here.  First of, is finding a boutique that will stock the item, get on the wait list, and hope to get a phone call.  Interestingly enough, even with a price tag of $250, finding this palette is like joining one of Indiana Jones' crusades.  

It's undeniably a beautiful palette.. but if a bullwhip, a fedora, and a leather jacket in the middle of summer is what it takes to find it.. I think I'll pass.  I'll leave all that to Indy.


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