Tuesday, July 12, 2011

luxury or absurdity : tag heuer "link" luxury phone

The picture says it all.. this is no ordinary Android collaboration.  Tag Heuer debuts its LINK luxury smartphone.  Alligator skin.  Rose Gold. Steel. Diamond Accents.  Engadget has the breakdown of the phone's specs, but all I needed to see were the words: 
Alligator skin. Rose Gold. Steel. Diamond Accents. 

Jaw-dropping?  Almost.

Until I saw the price tag --  a measly $6,700 USD

This is where I cue my jaw to drop.

My husband owns a Tag Heuer Link watch.  

My husband will not own a Tag Heuer Link phone.

I end this post here.

Head on over to the Tag Heuer site to preview the phone or watch it here:


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