Tuesday, July 5, 2011

soleil tan de chanel 4 facettes bronzing powder : bronze rose

Chanel has already shifted the focus to its Fall Collection, so before it is long forgotten, I'd like to highlight my favorite item from the Summer Collection.. the Soleill Tan de Chanel 4 Facettes Bronzing Powder (what a mouthful).  I will be featuring the lighter of the 2 shades, Bronze Rose.

I have picked this up along with the release of Diorskin Aurora, and I must say that I definitely prefer this one over the Dior palette.  I found that this is more buildable and pigmented, and it also wore longer.

I have used the first top 3 colors together as a bronzer and contour, and the bottom shade as a blush and I love that you can pick one shade or the other to intensify that specific color.

I have to say that the brush is also very well made and is actually useful in picking up individual colors.  I normally prefer to use full sized brushes meant for the job, but this one really does come in handy.



with flash



I didn't blend the colors together in any of the photos as the outcome will vary depending on the shade you pick up the most.  I think it's great that you can customize it as highlighter, bronzer or blush and it is all in one palette.

Overall, if you have light to medium skintone, (and if you can still find it), I highly recommend this one.  The powder is very finely-milled and it is very easy to blend.  You will definitely see no orange in this bronzer, and it's hard to overdo.  For tanned and darker skinned gals, I suggest the Bronze Corail shade.


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