Friday, July 8, 2011

tom ford private blend : neroli portofino

If anyone can bottle the feeling and scent of the coastal town of Portofino by looking at this photo, 
it would be Tom Ford and the Neroli Portofino from his Private Blend line.

After dropping hints (as loud as bombsand hearing the words:
 "here, sniff my wrist baby!!!"  all day long 
-- my wonderful husband caved, and surprised me with a bottle!

This is a wonderful, non-invasive summer fragrance.

Am I doing a fancy review like an intoxicated fumehead?  Nope.  
I have Katie Puckrick for that!  With words so lyrical it makes you wanna take your scuba gear and dive into the perfume and maybe even do some backstrokes in it all day!

I wish fragrance reviews  were as easy as how my husband does it.  No words required.  Just a twitch of a nose; a whiplashing turn of a head and then I know.. that's a negative ghostrider!

I'd like to try a few of the other body items from this line!  
Definitely loving this fragrance...

All in all, compared to Azure Lime, another great summer fragrance which I also like, Neroli Portofino is a little less citrusy, and it doesn't have the musky wood notes when the perfume dries down, which to me is the masculine edge of Azure Lime.  Neroli Portofino is a great balance of citrus and floral.. and the amber is a little quieter on this one which I like.

Tom Ford got me again!


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