Saturday, December 10, 2011

nail polish of the day : the orly androgynie is quite galactic

A new nail polish love.. I knew I had to have this shade the moment I saw it.  I am after all, a lover of all things glitter.  I can describe Orly Androgynie as the perfect "Faint Blue Galaxy" in a bottle.

Faint Blue Galaxy as seen through a Hubble Telescope via Google

Yes, such entities do exist..

Androgynie's base is not quite black.  In my opinion, it is more of a dark purple-brown, almost black,  and it is laced with various shapes and sizes of blue, teal, gold, pink, coral glitters.

Orly Androgynie is part of Orly's holiday collection.   I happen to pick up the last bottle from my local Sally's so check it out soon while you still can!


FAshiOnistA ErA said...

lovee that nail color ts so striking and beautiful :) do drop by @ my blog and lemme know what u feel abt my latest posts & lets follow eachother thru GFC & bloglovin if u like:))


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