Monday, December 5, 2011

sugar.. the rocco spice.. and everything nice!

Santa came crawling down the chimney early this year.. could it be the plate of snickerdoodle cookies I bake that he loves so much?  

Either way, a big thank you to my sweet Santa for crossing this off my wishlist!  And making sure I got it before it flew off the shelves..

Bordeaux and reds lace this handbag in different depths, which make it even more special.  Do note that the flash has somewhat given the handbag a really shiny texture.  In person, the color is much deeper and a bit more matte.   I just adore it!  

Thanks again my Santa Baby!

And to see it in action, here is Lily Collins rocking this awesome color..

via google

*The Alexander Wang in Spice is an exclusive color to Barneys New York and its Co-Op stores.


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