Tuesday, July 31, 2012

notable mentions : sultra the bombshell cone curling iron


sultra the bombshell cone curling iron $99/$130 USD

curling iron, protective gloves, thermal mat

no-slip thermagrip tapered barrel

before and after (no brush through)

My hair type:  Long, fine, thin hair.  Color-treated and prone to breakage.  It is also naturally wavy.  And when I say wavy, I don't mean the get-out-of-bed-perfect-beachy-waves wavy!  I pretty much rely on a straightening iron on a daily basis to take care of the dreaded frizz.  Which I should also mention, the flat iron is the only way I have been creating styles and curls for my hair in the past 10 years.

I was actually searching for a new flat iron when I stumbled upon Sultra The Bombshell Cone.  This curling iron is one of those sights that leave you with a secret gasp, and your husband with an eyebrow raised (he is always quite baffled with all the different "tools" us women use)!  I am no stranger to conical wands, but this one will have your curiosities peak.. and that's exactly why it came home with me.

The main difference with this wand is not its cone shape, as I have seen those in other brands, it is the concept of the No-Slip ThermaGrip Tapered Barrel that had me convinced it is perfect for my hair type.  My hair does hold curl easily with the right tool, including a flat iron, but since it is very fine, it tends to slip right off when wrapped around a clipless barrel.

Enter the No-Slip ThermaGrip -- I think this makes a world of difference!  I honestly wrapped my hair around the barrel effortlessly, and stayed there until I let it go.  The curls?  Quite defined, but if I want looser curls, I let the curls off the barrel sooner and comb through with my fingers.  I also noticed that my hair looked fuller after curling with this iron.

I can't say much more about this iron other than the seemingly "gimmicky" concept of the grips, does produce function and great results.  It sits at a higher price-point in comparison to drugstore brands, but to be honest, I have paid well above the $99 with my previous flat irons.  At the moment, it is still on special at the Nordstrom Anniversary Event (good until August 6, 2012).  I should also mention that the curling iron does come with protective gloves and thermal mat, as well as instructions on how to use the product.  

Onward to my search for a new flat iron.  My older one, which I shall dub the "Great Hair Device" is on its last leg, that iron, I must admit did serve me well.  But with this pleasant experience with Sultra, I may check out the Seductress iron as well.

*I purchased the Sultra The Bombshell Cone Curling Iron at Nordstom.  This is not a paid or sponsored post.


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