Monday, October 15, 2012

there you are.

Well, there he is.. and as the saying goes.. Change is Inevitable, Change is Constant.  And there goes Chanel with its choice of the opposite gender for its ultra femme scent, No.5.  I have mixed feelings about this change.  I have worn this scent, and although I tip-toed around the thought of my kids telling me I smell like grandma, I have also indulged myself in reverie of a young Marilyn Monroe, wearing nothing but a drop of No.5 to bed.  So do I evoke the scent of a bombshell or of granny crocheting doilies?

Well I guess if I were standing to the sexiest man alive, I'd be called Norma Jean.

Watching the video, I initially was in awe. There was a little jaw-drop action.  Then a raised brow.  Then a smirk.  Enough said.

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