Thursday, January 2, 2014

The New Year...

Growing up, I remember that I was expected to write a long list of resolutions at the dawn of every new year to share with the world.  And all those times, I thought to myself, that for every line I wrote, I divulged something so intimate as to which bad habit I need to break, or how I am to skim the scale.  In my mind, it's almost a guaranteed set up for failure when the rest of the world is privy to your less-than-perfect lifestyle. You watch every step, every word, every bite.. under the scrutinizing microscope of the Resolution Police.. yeah, you can bid your food porn posts on Instagram, adieu!

As an adult, I did not apply the "new year" resolution to my life, my husband and kids.  Why, you might ask, when we all know resolutions are assembled to better your choices and life all together?  Well there is my emphasis on the "new year",  which goes against my belief that resolutions should never be made just when the new year begins.

I am not perfect.  Not even a half-a-world close.  There are moments of procrastination, impulsiveness, and yes, moments of "I shouldn't have taken that last bite.."  But in reality, these incidents happen all.year.round. -- and not the week before the ball drops in Times Square.

I believe that resolution should happen the moment you realize that there is something amiss in your life.  And everyday seems to be the best time to assess and look beyond yourself to find these misdeeds.  And when you do, find it in you to make that change, and stick to it.  There are things that require time, like weight loss, relocation, employment changes, or maybe even relationship changes.  But the one thing I do believe is, when it comes to character, I think the change should happen at the point of discovery.

I believe that turning the leaf over does not happen every year... it happens every day.  We close and begin new chapters in life the moment it happens, and never at the dawn of every year.  Finding resolve in what is amiss in your life should be the same way... and it shouldn't take a list, just determination and the willingness to change something in your life.. every single moment.

Happy New Year.. and along with that, a happy new day!


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